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August 31, 2007

Monthly Recap

-Michael Strahan decides to return to the Giants.

-JaMarcus Russell…the hold-out champion of the world.

Everyone Loves Slingo!

-Helio Castroneves. Floyd Mayweather Jr. Dancing With the Stars will never be the same.

-Larry Johnson is back with the Chiefs…and he’s rich.

-Asante Samuel is back as well…and he’s rich, just not as rich as he wanted to be.

-Jack Del Rio decides that David Garrard has better “handing-off” skills than Byron Leftwich.

Thanks to everyone who has read this blog. Its been a good first month.


August 28, 2007

Slingo. The Franchise Player

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In lieu of the Asante Samuel situation, the Slingo for this week is the Franchise Player tag that is sometimes seen in NFL contracts. Each year, each NFL team has the ability to designate one player who would usually be an unrestricted free agent (a player with 4 accrued seasons who is free to sign with any team, as long as he does so before the beginning of training camp of his free agency year) as a franchise player, which keeps the player from becoming a free agent. The team must make the franchise player designation after the previous season is over and sometime before the free agency period begins (this is usually over a 2 week span in February), and they must tender an offer to the player that is equal to the average of the top five salaries in the league at that position. If the player is offered a salary that is based on the top five salaries of the previous season, the player can seek offers from other clubs, with the original club retaining the ability to match the offer and keep the player, or receive 2 first round draft picks from the new club to release the player. If the offer is based on the top 5 salaries at the end of the restricted free agent period, this is usually a week or two before the NFL draft in April, the club retains exclusive rights to the player and they are unable to negotiate with any other teams.

That about covers it. Franchise Players…They’re Faaaaaannnnntastic!

August 27, 2007

Asante Samuel will be intercepting passes during the regular season.

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Patriots holdout cornerback, Asante Samuel, ended his holdout and is expected to sign a 1 year deal, which would pay him $7.79 million. Samuel had been holding out for an extension instead of the one year franchise offer that he will now be signing instead. The potentially bigger problem? Samuel may be in the same situation next year. ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli reports

It is not certain what Samuel accomplished with his absence from camp. Unless the Pats agreed to stipulate that they will not use the franchise marker on him again next spring, as the Chicago Bears did with franchise linebacker Lance Briggs, the cornerback will not have made a significant statement by staying away.

New England, it is believed, is opposed to forfeiting its right to use the franchise tag on Samuel again in 2008. Toby and Samuel’s agent, Alonzo Shavers, declined to say whether the Patriots had gotten Samuel to report by promising they would not apply the franchise tag to him again next year, according to the AP.

Samuel is only 26, so he does still have time to get that long term deal while at his maximum value, but if, he does not have a clause stating that the Patriots cannot re-franchise him next year…well, I don’t see what will stop him from holding out next year. On the other hand, the news media weren’t privy to the details of the contract. Samuel may easily accept being franchised this year and next depending on the incentives or terms given to him by the Patriots. As usual, it is the job of the armchair quarterback to second guess the deal.

Need a reminder on the definition of the franchise player? You can find it here.

Asante Samuel is represented by Alonzo Shavers of Infinite Sports Concepts which is a subsidiary company of Glenn Toby Enterprises.

ESPN: Samuel will sign$7.79 million contract as a franchise player

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