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September 26, 2007

There is a glitch in the Matrix

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Shawn Marion wants out of Phoenix. How do I know? He said so himself,

“I’m tired of hearing my name in trades,” Marion said by phone from his Chicago home Tuesday night. “I love my fans in Phoenix but I think it’s time for me to move on.”

I was going to write a post on this, but the post over at True Hoop is excellent, and I suggest you go read that instead.

If Marion does leave, it will be interesting to see what kind of money he gets. Apparently his biggest suitors are the Jazz (trade for Kirilenko maybe in the works?), the Lakers (trade for Odom?), or possibly the Heat (they will definitely be contenders with Wade and Shaq, if this happens). Marion has always been a player that, when you see him, you recognize that he’s good, but his name never comes up if you’re just naming superstar players off the top of your head.  I honestly believe that he feels under appreciated in Phoenix…but, is going to the Lakers going to any of the above mentioned teams going to help?  I don’t think he’d truly feel good about everything until he went to a horrible team where he was the only superstar (or at least the man superstar).

Marion is represented by Dan Fegan of Fegan & Associates. His contact information can be found here.

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ESPN: Cooked by the Sun: Meet Shawn Marion


Never doubt Milton Bradley again!

After what was clearly one of the strangest incidents in the history of baseball, on Sunday, Milton Bradley, who has had a few…how shall we say…”incidents” in the past, was not only ejected by 1st base umpire Mike Winters, but he also inadvertently had his ACL torn by his manager, Bud Black, when Black tried to restrain Bradley (Bradley will now miss the rest of the season). Afterwards, Bradley had this to say about the incident,

“…[It was]the most unprofessional and most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen…It’s terrible. And now, because of him, my knee’s hurt…If this costs me my season because of that, he needs to be reprimanded. I’m taking some action. I’m not going to stand pat and accept this because I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

As most of you probably already know, the whole incident started after a Bradley strike out in the 5th inning, of a game between the Padres and Rockies, when Winters thought Bradley tossed his bat at home plate umpire Brian Runge. After Bradley singled in the 7th inning, he got to first base and asked Winters if he told Runge that he (Bradley) threw his bat at Runge. Winters said he did say that, and all hell broke loose. Padres first base coach Bobby Meacham tried to restrain Bradley, and when he was unable to do so, Black grabbed a hold of Bradley as well, taking him to the ground, when Bradley subsequently injured his knee.

So, who was in the wrong in this crazy situation? Mike Winters. Major League Baseball has suspended Mike Winters for the rest of the season. The reason given? For using profanity aimed at Bradley. All I can say is, never doubt Milton Bradley again. It’s kind of funny how people build up a reputation, and they are just automatically blamed (or praised depending on the situation) just based off of their past experiences.

The craziest part about this whole situation? Mike Winters could have just cost the Padres a chance at the playoffs (especially with Mike Cameron getting hurt earlier in the game).  Even worse for Bradley?  This will certainly impact his free agency status (he will be a free agent at the end of the year.  Bradley is represented by Seth Levinson of ACES (athletes careers enhanced and secured, INC.)  you can find contact information for ACES here (the listing is for his brother Sam Levinson)

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ESPN: Rockies vs. Padres recap

ESPN: Bradley done, Cameron limited with torn ligament

ESPN: Umpire in Bradley blowup suspended

Ronaldinho to Chelsea!!! Well, not anytime soon.

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On Tuesday, the Sun Online, the epitome of fact checking and accurate reporting, reported that world renowned soccer star Ronaldinho accepted a 5 year deal to leave his present team, Barcelona, and sign a 5 year deal worth £58 million (about 117 million U.S. dollars) with Chelsea.

It is important to note that no other source has confirmed or denied Ronaldinho’s signing in writing (i.e. soccernet,, etc.) although it was shown on ESPN’s ticker, and discussed on Pardon the Interruption, and Fox Soccer Report. Any written references to this situation have only been piggybacks on the Sun’s article, and even the Sun article said that Ronaldinho still had the option to turn down the deal (I assume there is some provision in his contract that allows him to do this? It seems odd to be able to accept a deal, then revoke your acceptance for apparently no good reason – ed.note).

So, why is Ronaldinho not on his way to Chelsea right now (assuming this deal is real)? Well, for one, for those of you not studying your FIFA rulebook, the next transfer window isn’t until December 31st 2007, with the last window ending on August 31st (A transfer window is analogous to the trading period and trade deadline in the NFL. You can read more about transfer windows here) meaning that even if this deal were to happen, it seems as if Ronaldinho would not play any games for Chelsea till January 2008, at the earliest.

Furthermore, Chelsea would have to pay a transfer fee to Barcelona for Ronaldinho’s services (he still has 3 years remaining on his current contract); a fee which the Sun is reporting will reach upwards of £70M.

So, while Ronaldinho may be on his way to Chelsea, its definitely not happening anytime soon, and there are certainly a lot of details that need to be worked out before it happens. If it does happen though, his salary (almost $25 million a year for 5 years) would be truly incredible. It could definitely be an Alex Rodriguez/Scott Boras starting point. Ronaldinho is represented by his brother, Roberto de Assis. Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure how to contact him.

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The Sun Online: Rom hands Ron £58m contract

Sports Agent News: Alex Rodriguez. Future owner of the Cubs

September 25, 2007

I wish I was your agent: Chad Johnson edition.

When you think of players to watch in the NFL, at some point early on in your thinking, you have to think of Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Chad Johnson, a.k.a. ocho cinco. First off, who even takes the time to turn their number into Spanish (albeit not quite correctly) in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month?

And lets not forget the hilarious touch down celebrations. (Ed Note: If you think the NFL needs to get rid of the TD celebrations, you are part of what is wrong with the NFL! The job of the football player is to entertain the fan, and you can hardly say that the TD celebrations were not entertaining. Fine them if they take too long, give them a delay of game penalty or something, but stop taking them away!). From proposing to a cheerleader, to river dancing, to claiming he belongs in the hall of fame, if nothing else, you have to love Chad because he entertains in ways that a vast majority of the NFL either can’t or refuses to do.

…Oh, and did I mention he can play football as well?

Chad Johnson as…Ocho Cinco.

Chad Johnson’s TD celebration against the Ravens this season

You also might be able to find him in a video game or two

Wikipedia:  Chad Johnson’s Wikipedia page

Myspace:  Chad Johnson’s Myspace page

Chad Johnson is represented by the Shark, Drew Rosenhaus. His site can be found here.

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September 24, 2007

Alex Rodriguez. Future owner of the Cubs

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The biggest non-football headline of the weekend (that didn’t involve Milton Bradley, which I will get to later) has to be the rumor that Alex Rodriguez will not only go to the Cubs, but have the latter part of his potentially $30 million dollar a year contract deferred towards eventual part-ownership in the Cubs organization. Go ahead…read the last sentence again, I’ll wait. (more…)

September 22, 2007

Barry Bonds…future American League DH

It’s like Willie Mays all over again…The Giants decided to part ways with Barry Bonds yesterday.  Giants owner Peter Magowan had a 90-minute with Bonds, before later informing the media that the Giants (67-87, 20 GB) would be going in a different direction in 2008.

Bonds himself said he was saddened, but respected the decision.  His blog entry on the topic can be read here.

So, what’s next for the homerun king?  It almost has to be a job as a DH in the American League.  Bonds will be 44 next season and as he’s already shown numerous times this season, his mobility in the field, and on the base paths is limited (at times during this year especially, he’s almost been a defensive liability).

I look for Bonds to go to Oakland and play a year or two, even though the Oakland DH position is crowded (Piazza, Cust) the A’s need some more power, with Cust leading the team with 25 home runs.  Other rumored suitors?  The Angels and the Rangers.

Bonds, who is the midst of a 1-year $16 million deal with the Giants, will probably have a similar contract, with maybe a slightly lower price tag, with is new team.  Barry Bonds is represented by Jeff Borris, of the Beverly Hills Sports Council.  They don’t seem to have a website, but their address can be found here.

Looking for something to do? go read about Barry Bonds’ 756th home run ball…and how it might be headed into space.

MLB Official Site:  Barry’s Journal 

Yahoo! Sports:  Bye-bye Barry: Giants tell Bonds he won’t be back in ’08

September 7, 2007

Say it ain’t so, Rick! Seriously…say it ain’t so.

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Noooooooo!  Baseball was doing so well…well, sort of.  The Yankees were leading the wild card race, the Red Sox were maintaining their lead, the NL West is exciting, and in the NL Central…there is a 3 team race of mediocre teams, with one man leading the way for the Saint Louis Cardinals.  Who am i referring to?  He’s called Roy Hobbs (The Natural) in some circles, but us common folk know him as Rick Ankiel.  His comeback seemed almost too good to be true.  Baseball being baseball, it may very well be the case. (more…)

Byron Leftwich will not be coming to a Ravens team near you.

Adam Schefter of is reporting that the Ravens re-signed “beloved” QB Kyle Boller to a 1 year extension worth somewhere around 3 million, on Thursday.  So why is this a big deal? Well, with Steve McNair getting on in age and skill, the Ravens had to, at least in the back of their mind, be looking for a replacement.  Now, rumor has it the Jacksonville Jaguars recently released a quarter back who’s gritty, tough, and could fit pretty well in Baltimore’s system…Ah yes, Byron Leftwich!  But, they probably won’t sign Leftwich now, since they’ve re-signed Boller.  What’s that you say? the Ravens were never interested in Boller? Ah, i beg to differ kind friend, the Ravens have been interested in Leftwich ever since he was drafted, and were already conducting preliminary talks with his agent, Tom Condon (of the afore mentioned Creative Artists Agency).

Kyle Boller is 18-16 as a starter with a career QB rating of 71.0.  Maybe Boller has turned the corner, and if he has, all the more power to him.  But if he hasn’t, why would Baltimore re-sign him when the fans have had problems with his inconsistent play (many a game has consisted of the Baltimore fans booing their QB), the team has shown in the past that he wasn’t their QB of the future (or else McNair wouldn’t be there in the first place), and you had a proven, albeit oft-injured QB available on the market right now?  For the sake of Baltimore fans, i hope this isn’t a situation where Brian Billick is not afraid to cut his losses.

Boller is represented by David Dunn of Athletes First.  I won’t bother going into Dunn’s history here, as it is unnecessary, and irrelevant.  But for the sake of the reader wanting to know more about the history of the different agents within the industry, it may be worth it to google his name along with Leigh Steinberg’s.  Boller’s extension could keep Leftwich out of Baltimore

Washington Post:  Ravens talk with agent for Leftwich 

September 6, 2007

Russell-watch: Day 42.

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I can’t believe I’m writing about JaMarcus Russell again (see here, here, and here), but there are new stories to discuss. The guys over at Sports Agent Blog are reporting that the man who originally recruited Russell, Mel Bratton, has left Lock, Metz, & Malinovic and has now become the new vice president of football operations at DeBartolo Sports & Entertainment. Interestingly enough, Sports Agent Blog is also reporting that another agent at LLM also left for DeBartolo on the same day. So, people are jumping ship over at LLM…the question is whether they’re worried that there is some level of incompetency there, or were they’re worried about being stigmatized later on because of their connection with the firm? Or maybe…(Corleone voice activated) DeBartolo made them an offer they couldn’t refuse?

Amidst all of the craziness, the big question is, “what’s really going on with JaMarcus Russell?” The good news (possibly) is that his uncle is reporting that Russell and the Raiders are close to a deal. Honestly, I won’t be convinced that anyone in this situation is close to a deal until the deal is actually signed. And in the end? I still think its Michael Vick’s fault…at least partially.

Sports Agent Blog: JaMarcus Russell’s situation is getting downright ugly

ESPN: Russell’s Uncle says deal with the Raiders almost done

UPDATE: Jay Glazer of Fox Sports says the negotiations are coming down the home stretch

September 5, 2007

iPod. A huge endorsement opportunity.

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So…what’s going on in the world of “things other than sports”? Steve Jobs and Apple unleashed a barrage of “iPoddy goodness” today. Apple now has a new video version of the iPod nano, a “classic” version that carries a hard drive of 160GB, and an iPod Touch, which is the iPhone in the form of an iPod (complete with wi-fi!). Now, I doubt there are many people in America that have never heard of an iPod. My great uncle has one and he’s in his 70’s. But all of America has heard of Nike, Reebok, Gatorade, American Express, Visa, and Sprint, yet we still have athletes/celebrities endorsing those products. And now, with the NFL entering into its second year of its contract with Apple, its time for the agents of some of the league’s more popular athletes to work on obtaning an endorsement deal with Apple promoting their iPod line. I can’t be the only one tired of seeing these…

Are you honestly going to tell me that Peyton Manning (granted, you may have an issue because he’s under contract with Sprint) isn’t more marketable than the silhouette of some person break dancing while wearing an iPod shuffle?

or Reggie Bush?

(yeah, i know this isn’t a commercial, but its entertaining!)

So, please, please, high-profile agents of the NFL…lets make this one happen. I will almost guarantee that 99% of the players in the NFL have an iPod anyway, so why not have them get paid for a product that they already endorse?

Let’s make it happen. Thanks for your time.

P.S. When you call, tell Steve Jobs I said hello, and that I’d like the iPod Touch to have a bigger hard drive. Thanks again.

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