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September 23, 2007

Steelers Live Blog: Steelers vs. Niners

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Everyone else looks like they have so much fun live blogging the games (see Troy’s Thoughts on Sports) so i figured, “why not try it?” So here we go. This page will be updated often.

1:02: kickoff. Yes, I am ready for some football.

1:05: 3rd down conversions have always been the bane of the Steelers existence…the 49ers just converted on 3rd and 5 with a 12 yard pass.

1:08: Quick Screen to…Vernon Davis? I mean, how many other tight ends are this fast? 25 yards later, Anthony Smith definitely horse collared him, but it wasn’t called. We are not looking good right now.

1:10: The Steelers defense finally holds. San Fran kicks a field goal. 3-0 Niners.

1:13: This is why we got Allen Rossum (sorry Willie Reid). Untouched, 98 yards, touch down. 7-3 Steelers.

1:18: How can you not love Troy Polamalu? play action pass to Vernon Davis, great tackle by Troy. Maybe the defense finally came to play.

1:22: After a 49ers punt, the Steelers come out on 1st down with Willie Parker and run for 14 yards. Looking good right? 2nd down…Roethlisberger fumbles…and its 49ers ball.

1:27: Steelers hold again, after giving up another 3rd down conversion to the Niners. Nedney is back out to kick again…7-6 Steelers.

1:39: The first quarter is over. The highlight? right at the end of the quarter, the Steelers punted the ball near the end zone and Bryant McFadden jumped into the end zone and threw it back out. Impressive…but not the highlight. James Harrison caught the ball, and decided that he needed to keep two feet in, so he tip-toed the sideline like a receiver would (on a punt, mind you) before falling out of bounds. Classic.

1:45: The Steelers defense gives up yet another 3rd down conversion before holding the 49ers. The 49ers punter kicked the ball 66 yards. yes, i said 66. 198 feet. He is a robot. The Steelers are starting inside their own 10.

1:55: They just flashed to Mike Tomlin on the sidelines. I’m pretty sure that he got a hair cut somewhere in between the 1st and 2nd quarters.

2:00: After a botched Cedric Wilson reverse (one Roethlisberger block would result in a TD), the man with the worst nickname in the NFL, “Fast” Willie Parker breaks one to the outside, after being hit in the backfield for what should have been a 4 yard loss. 23 yard pick up.

2:06: Willie Parker has been a one man wrecking machine so far on this drive, racking up 47 yards as we hit the two minute warning. Mike Tomlin debates whether or not he has enough time to get a quick shape up before half time.

2:11: Roethlisberger on the play action pass to Jerame Tuman (yes, he is still on the team, and no, its not this guy) TD Steelers. A “sweet-hipped” Jeff Reed extra point makes it 14-6.

2:20: Halftime. Steelers lead 14-6, and we get the ball coming out in the second half. The defense has looked decent, except for the first drive, and a couple of 3rd down conversions. Frank Gore has had nowhere to run, and no one has caught any passes except for Vernon Davis. On offense, Roethlisberger has only missed one pass, and Parker has been running on the 49ers defense like they were a practice squad. I expect to see a lot more of Willie and play action in the second half.

2:36: Ben Roethlisberger puts his bid in for fastest starting QB in the league with the first name Ben, as he scrambles for 18 yards…The Steelers are moving.

2:41: Heath Miller clearly had his mother insulted by the 49ers before the game started, and he’s mad. He’s made two nice catches on this drive (the 2nd one is currently under review). If it holds, the Steelers are down at the San Fran 2 yard line (catch not upheld)

2:45: I love Mike Nolan, the coach of the Niners, because he wears the suits every week. But its hot…and he’s not only wearing a suit, he has a windbreaker on over top of it.

2:47: Sweet Hips hits the field goal. Steelers up 17-6.

2:49: The announcers are making fun of Sweet Hips’ headshot in the Steelers 2007 media guide. Now that I look at it, he does look like one of the characters from Dragonball-Z, when they’ve gone “Super Saiyan”. Mike Tomlin offers to take Jeff Reed with him when he goes to get his hair cut during the 4th Quarter.

3:01: Pandemonium. Alex Smith hit Vernon Davis on a 25 yard pass, Polamalu up-ends him and he pops the ball up into the air for an interception (maybe?) which Ryan Clark returned 40 yards into 49ers territory. The play is under review.

3:05: What the hell. The play was ruled an incomplete pass…which was basically an impossibly ruling; it was either a Steelers interception or a 49ers first down and tackle by Polamalu. Based on the fact that it was ruled an incomplete pass, it seems like it should have been a Steelers interception…Tomlin should have done the unprecedented “double challenge”. He didn’t though, Nedney hits a 50 yard field goal, and the Niners stole 3 points. 17-9 Steelers. If Ed Hochuli was here, he’d know what to do.

3:13: Two nice throws by Roethlisberger to Santonio Holmes. Especially the second one, where Roethlisberger avoided a sack, and pump faked twice.

3:14: Parker is over 100 yards. On 18 carries.

3:18: Sweet Hips nails the 49 yard field goal. Steelers 20-9. We are looking good.

3:27: The Steelers are admiring the 49ers pretty uniforms. At least, that’s what I assume is going on, as Alex Smith is carving up the secondary on this drive with 3 straight passes of over 15 yards.

3:29: A key sack by…well, 3 of the 4 Steelers linebackers on 3rd down takes the Niners out of field goal range. After the punt, the Steelers will start at their own 20.

3:37: Steelers putting together a nice drive with 2 third down conversions to Holmes and Miller. The offensive line is doing a great job on protection for Roethlisberger. Looks like we’re starting to wrap this one up. (sidenote: Ward seems to be hurt. Haven’t heard anything else about him since near the end of the first quarter when he got hit hard on two straight plays).

3:39: Another field goal by Sweet Hips. 23-9. Steelers.

3:45: This one is a wrap. Bryant McFadden picks off Alex Smith, and takes it to the house. 30-9 Steelers. We’re clicking on all facets right now. We have an offense, defensive and special teams touchdown. Nicely done guys.

3:49: That was quick. The 49ers cruise down the field for an easy TD. 30-16 Steelers, with 2:22 left. The defensive might get chewed out over this one. Not the fact that they gave up the TD, but how easy they gave it up.

3:55: 2 minute warning. The Niners don’t have any more time outs. Lets get these formalities over with.

3:57: By formalities, I meant a Najeh Davenport 39 yard TD run. 37-16 Steelers.

4:04. Steelers are 3-0. Next up, Ken Wishenhunt and the Arizona Cardinals.

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  1. The Packers could use Davenport this year more than the Steelers; that’s for sure. 39 yards is a whole game’s rushing for Green Bay.
    The Sultan on Sports

    Comment by tsos20 — September 24, 2007 @ 3:49 pm

  2. I agree with you on that one. And the Steelers actually have some depth at running back. So much so that we have Kerry Davis playing full back, when he’s really a running back.

    Comment by emmettjones — September 24, 2007 @ 4:04 pm

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