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September 7, 2007

Byron Leftwich will not be coming to a Ravens team near you.

Adam Schefter of is reporting that the Ravens re-signed “beloved” QB Kyle Boller to a 1 year extension worth somewhere around 3 million, on Thursday.  So why is this a big deal? Well, with Steve McNair getting on in age and skill, the Ravens had to, at least in the back of their mind, be looking for a replacement.  Now, rumor has it the Jacksonville Jaguars recently released a quarter back who’s gritty, tough, and could fit pretty well in Baltimore’s system…Ah yes, Byron Leftwich!  But, they probably won’t sign Leftwich now, since they’ve re-signed Boller.  What’s that you say? the Ravens were never interested in Boller? Ah, i beg to differ kind friend, the Ravens have been interested in Leftwich ever since he was drafted, and were already conducting preliminary talks with his agent, Tom Condon (of the afore mentioned Creative Artists Agency).

Kyle Boller is 18-16 as a starter with a career QB rating of 71.0.  Maybe Boller has turned the corner, and if he has, all the more power to him.  But if he hasn’t, why would Baltimore re-sign him when the fans have had problems with his inconsistent play (many a game has consisted of the Baltimore fans booing their QB), the team has shown in the past that he wasn’t their QB of the future (or else McNair wouldn’t be there in the first place), and you had a proven, albeit oft-injured QB available on the market right now?  For the sake of Baltimore fans, i hope this isn’t a situation where Brian Billick is not afraid to cut his losses.

Boller is represented by David Dunn of Athletes First.  I won’t bother going into Dunn’s history here, as it is unnecessary, and irrelevant.  But for the sake of the reader wanting to know more about the history of the different agents within the industry, it may be worth it to google his name along with Leigh Steinberg’s.  Boller’s extension could keep Leftwich out of Baltimore

Washington Post:  Ravens talk with agent for Leftwich 

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  1. I wonder where he will end up? I’m a Vikes fan, so I’m hoping, but I doubt it will happen.

    Like your blog, I’ll throw it on my Blogroll. Thanks for visiting.

    See you are a Steelers fan, I’m a UNC alum, so I’m always rooting for Fast Willie Parker

    Comment by The Mixtape Monster — September 7, 2007 @ 9:14 am

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