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August 28, 2007

Outside the typical realm of the Sports Agent…

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When you think of a sports agent, you generally think about people who represent football players, basketball players, soccer players, etc. The problem for new sports agents is that its generally hard to get into the field, let alone find your niche. To solve that problem, some sports agents think outside the box and seek out athletes in other, less conventional fields (i.e. poker, bowling, track & field, etc.). Well, in that same vein of thinking, a new sport for sports agents to represent athletes in? (drum roll, please) Cell phone hurling! Let’s not everyone jump on this all at once. This event is covered with surprising seriousness by MSNBC, but its done with much more class and grace by the sports site, With Leather. Not that representing a cell phone hurler will be your niche in the agency field, but the point is that, sometimes you have to think outside the box in order to entrench yourself in the business.

In vastly more traditional sports agent news, Texas football head coach, Mack Brown will reportedly be signed to a 10 year contract extension which will keep him at the school until 2017. Brown, who had signed a 10 year extension in 2005, had a current salary of $2.6 million with an annual $100,000 raise. His new deal will reportedly put him into the $3 million/year range, which would put him around the 3rd or 4th highest paid coach in college football. How do the people in Texas feel? I’d say they’re pretty excited. Mack Brown is represented by the man who all colleges look to when they have a vacancy; Chuck Neinas. Neinas runs Neinas Sports Services who’s website is located here.

Find your niche, young sports agents, find your niche.

With Leather: New Lame Sport: Cell Phone Hurling

ESPN: Texas Coach Brown to be extended through 2017

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