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August 26, 2007

The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement (week 2)

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Back again with another installment of “The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement: Fun For Everyone!”  This weeks section deals with Squad Size.  I decided to cover this pretty straight-forward section because the clubs are required to reduce their rosters to 75 players by Tuesday, August 28.  Clubs have to further reduce their rosters to 53 players on the Active/Inactive list by September 1st. (Note: Prior to kickoff each week of the regular season, teams must establish a 45 player team from the 53 man active/inactive roster, and identify an additional player on the inactive list as a 3rd quarterback who can enter the game only if the other two QB’s can’t play).  So, without further adieu, here is Article XXXIII of the NFL CBA, Squad Size

Section 1. Active List: For each regular season, the Active List limit will be 45 players per Club. This limit may not be reduced by the Clubs for the duration of this Agreement; provided, however, that individual Clubs may carry less than 45 players on their Active Lists during the regular season, but at no time less than 42.

Section 2. Pre-Season: The pre-season cutdown dates and active player limits on such dates will be as determined by the Clubs. In the event the Clubs make a determination during the term of this Agreement that they wish to institute a “down-and-up” once during the pre-season, they may do so, provided that the active player limit may not be reduced below 40 at any time during the pre-season and the Active List limit must return to 45 by the start of the regular season.

Section 3. Inactive List: Inactive List players will receive the same benefits and protections as Active List players.

Section 4. Active and Inactive List Limit: In any League Year, a Club’s Active and Inactive Lists shall not exceed 53 players.

As I said earlier, this section is pretty straight forward.  This first section simply sets the active player list limit for each club at 45 players.  The CBA prevents the clubs, as a collective group, from reducing this number throughout the duration of the agreement (until 2012), but an individual club can reduce the number of players on their active list if they so desire, but the number can be no lower than 42.The second section discusses the pre-season squad “cutdown dates” which are determined by the clubs and stated at the beginning of this post.  It’s interesting to note that the CBA allows the clubs to institute a “down-and-up” system once during the pre-season (example: a team would cut their roster down to 42 then add players back up to 50) as long as the roster is not reduced below 40 and the other stipulations of this section, namely a 45 man roster, are still followed.

Section 3, as stated, allows inactive players to receive the same benefits and protections as active players (i.e. inactive players still receive their salary for the season)

Section 4, as stated, sets the maximum limit for a club’s combined active and inactive list at 53 players.

Oh NFL CBA, I love you so.  The rest of the CBA can be found here.


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