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August 17, 2007

Quick News

In sports agent news…

  • Carlos Zambrano re-signed with the Cubs on Friday. He had been operating under a 1 year $12.4 million dollar deal, and there was some concern that he may not stay with the team after this season because of the team being under new ownership after the 2007 season. But, apparently things have been worked out, much to Zambrano’s benefit. The new deal? 5 years, $91 million dollars (18.5 million/year, for those of you at home). Zambrano is currently represented by Barry Praver…who apparently does not have a website, or has a very hard to find website.
  • The Patriots re-signed four year veteran defensive end Ty Warren to a new maximum 5 year $35 million dollar deal with $18 million in guarantees. Warren is represented by Vann McElroy, of SSG Select Sports Group, who came in very quickly and got the job done, as Warren was searching for a new agent only a few weeks ago. Somewhere in Patriot land, Asante Samuel is not very pleased.
  • Soccer, as most already know, is taken very seriously over in Europe. How serious? A club Jiul Petrosani (a Romanian soccer club) player, Mihai Lungan, was physically beaten this week (Yes, i said beaten), after trying to cancel his contract for not being paid on time. Lungan and his agent, Dumitru Tudor, are actually accusing Lungan’s boss, club owner Alin Simota, of ordering his bodyguards to beat Lungan. Ouch. Could you imagine this in America? The Red Sox stop paying David Ortiz his money, and Ortiz tries to cancel the contract and then Theo Epstein sends bodyguards to “rough him up”? I’d love to see them try to do that…
  • The Packers released oft-injured veteran wide receiver Robert Ferguson today. Drafted in 2001, Ferguson played in only 60 games, catching 116 passes. Injuries plagued Ferguson, as he only played a full season once, in 2002. His most serious injury came at the hands of Jaguars safety Donovan Darius, who’s clothesline hit on Ferguson in 2004 caused him serious neck and head injuries, causing him to miss the rest of the season. Ferguson is represented by Brian Overstreet, of the E-Overstreet team.

FindLaw: Zambrano signs 5-year extension

ESPN: Pats sign Warren to 5-year deal with maximum $35 million extension

FindLaw: Romanian soccer player beaten after trying to cancel his contract

Yahoo! Sports: Packers release receiver Ferguson as expected

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