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August 15, 2007

Athletes You Don’t Want On Your Fantasy Team

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So, what’s new in sports agent news today?

Major League Baseball suspended Brewers First Baseman Prince Fielder for 3 games on Wednesday for “inappropriate and aggressive conduct” towards home plate umpire Wally Bell on Sunday, a game which the Brewers lost, 6-4, in Houston. Inappropriate and aggressive conduct…I haven’t looked, but I wonder if MLB has this defined in the collective bargaining agreement or in its bylaws or something? I think you almost need something to objectify inappropriate conduct such as Fielder’s (he was arguing with the umpire, and video showed he may have bumped him as well) because what one person considers inappropriate may not be inappropriate to someone else. If Fielder doesn’t appeal, he will begin serving the suspension Wednesday night, when the Brewers play the Cardinals.

In other non-professional baseball news, former major league all star shortstop, now Long Island Ducks standout (maybe? i don’t follow the Long Island Ducks as close as I once used to) Jose Offerman decided to go “Crazy Joe” on Bridgeport Bluefish pitcher (yes…Those Bluefish of the Atlantic League, although I’m sure you already knew that) Matt Beech. Apparently Offerman homered in the 1st inning, was hit with a pitch in the second inning, and then decided that he wasn’t up for playing baseball anymore in the Atlantic league and charged the mound with his bat. One Matt Beech broken finger and concussed catcher, Joe Nathan’s, later Offerman was being charged with two counts of second degree assault, an indefinite suspension from the Ducks, and possibly a lifetime ban from Atlantic League baseball altogether. It’s fairly interesting that Offerman was charged with assault, when ordinarily participants in a baseball brawl, regardless of how one sided, usually are able to escape without any potential criminal culpability.

The general rule when dealing with charges and damages in a sport such as baseball requires that a voluntary participant is only liable to another voluntary participant in a contact sport if the injuries they receive are based on willful and wanton or intentional misconduct (the “contact sport exception”). So, the question is, if every other baseball brawl in history that didn’t have a bat wasn’t considered to be willful or wanton or intentional, why is it that having a bat landed Offerman in jail? I’m not condoning Offerman’s conduct, just a little curious as to why other brawls have turned out bloody but have had no off the field repercussions, and Offerman’s incident has him posting a $100,000 bond.

ESPN: Former Big Leaguer Arrested for Melee

ESPN: Fielder suspended, fined, for ‘inappropriate and aggressive conduct’

UPDATE, August 16th. Jose Offerman…now with slideshow bat swinging action!

UPDATE 2: August 21st. Jose Offerman might have the best defense ever.

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